DOO GRO Mega Thick Leave-In Strengthener (10oz)




Mega Thick Leave-In Strengthener

Doo Gro Mega Thick Leave in GRO strengthener is an oil free weightless formula that thickens and strengthens weak, damged, dry hair. Enriched with shea butter, protein and botanical thickeners to smooth hair curticles and help reduce split ends while moisturizing and detangling. Quenches dry, thirsty hair and leaves it shiny, soft and manageale. Great for the whole family and can be used on all types of hair including natural, color treated, bleached, weave, braided and relaxed.


  • Thickens and strengthens with aloe vera, protein and shea butter
  • Oil free, weightless formula
  • Helps repair weak, dry damaged hair
  • Promotes thick, strong growing hair.


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